Artists Open Houses - House 5: Prime Studios, 1 – 6 Ward Royal Parade, Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HR

June Kerr Image

Multiple Artists:

  • Artist: Mario D’Auria

Mario designs his pieces via digital modelling and translates them into tangible physical objects using 3D printing technologies. His pieces vary from miniatures to small sculptures and vases all featuring organic and complex shapes. The translucent and pearlescent materials he uses play with the light giving a different experience with different illuminations.


  • Artist: Ayesha Gamiet

Ayesha uses traditional material and techniques from the art of the Islamic world, and creates paintings using shell gold, gouache and handmade pigment watercolours. In 2018 after 12 years of study under renowned master Ayten Tiryaki, she obtained her icaza (traditional diploma) in Ottoman manuscript illumination. She is currently working on the illustrations for a children’s book.


  • Artist: June Kerr

With a design background, June now makes bespoke jewellery. Encasing loved and cherished objects in resin means that each item can be personalised and individualised. Her most popular piece is her stylish yet functional glasses holder pendant which she makes in silver or silver gilt.


  • Artist: Rebecca Mendoza

Rebecca is a trained and qualified artist and lecturer, whose work focuses on portraiture, still life, landscapes and skyscapes. Her media of choice are pencil, pastel and charcoal. She is currently exploring the qualities of light, air and texture and the manifestation of these onto a two-dimensional surface.


  • Artist: Mo Negm

Mo’s art is inspired by identity, socio-political events and engaging in new experiences, through the lens of a British Egyptian artist of Arab heritage. He sometimes gives the paint freedom to choose its own path as in his recent series Timelines about our shared human experience. His Egyptian revolution paintings were featured on BBC World News and his work is in the online Saatchi collection.


  • Artist: Tom Neill

Tom works throughout the UK as a composer, actor, and theatre director. He has worked with Opera North, Blackeyed Theatre, and Pentameters and has composed for a new orchestral instrument – Michael Davis’ Chimes. He has recently composed Three Songs for soprano and piano as well as an album of Jazz.


  • Artist: Sue Relph NDD ATD

Elected member of The Pastel Society and the Society of Graphic Fine Art. Abstract and representational work in watercolour, oils, pastel, charcoal, graphite and mixed media. Life drawings, portraiture, and landscapes.