The Savage Storm: The Battle for Italy 1943

7.00pm Wednesday, 20th September 2023 (1 hour)
James Holland

This is World War 2 in microcosm told through the brutal story of the most pivotal campaign the Allies were to fight by one of the UK's most acclaimed and bestselling historians.

With the invasion of France the following year taking shape, and hot on the heels of victory in Sicily, the Allies crossed into Southern Italy in September 1943. They expected to drive the Axis forces north and be in Rome by Christmas. And although Italy surrendered, the German forces resisted fiercely and the swift hoped-for victory descended into one of the most brutal battles of the war.

Chronicling those dark, dramatic months in unflinching and insightful detail, The Savage Storm is unlike any campaign history yet written. James Holland has always recounted the Second World War at ground level, but this version telling brings the story vividly to life like never before.