Agatha Christie: A Very Elusive Woman

3.00pm Saturday, 21st January 2023
Lucy Worsley

‘Nobody in the world was more inadequate to act the heroine than I was.' 

Agatha Christie spent a lot of her career pretending she was just an ordinary housewife, but clearly she wasn't. As Worsley says, 'she was thrillingly, scintillatingly modern'. She went surfing in Hawaii, she loved fast cars, and she was intrigued by the new science of psychology, which helped her through devastating mental illness. So why – despite all the evidence to the contrary – did Agatha present herself as a retiring Edwardian lady of leisure?

With access to personal letters and papers that have rarely been seen, acclaimed historian Lucy Worsley tells the fascinating story of the life of Agatha Christie.

Duration: 1 hour

'One brilliant woman writing about another: an irresistible combination.' – Antonia Fraser 

Ticket Price: £40 Single (one ticket and one book), £55 Double (two tickets and one book)

Agatha Christie Cover