Endell Street: The Women Who Ran Britain's Trailblazing Military Hospital

3.00pm Sunday, 19th September 2021
Wendy Moore and Book Cover

Previously a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, Endell Street by Wendy Moore shines a light on the extraordinary lost story of the women who ran Britain’s trailblazing military hospital in Covent Garden during the First World War.

With impressive medical and organisational skills that caught the eye of the War Ministry, pioneering suffragette doctors and life partners Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett Anderson established a new military hospital staffed entirely by female surgeons, doctors, and nurses. Developing new techniques to deal with the horrific injuries suffered by the 26,000 wounded soldiers who came through their doors, the hospital was renowned for its caring atmosphere.

A long overdue tribute to the brilliance and bravery of a remarkable group of women.

Duration: 1 hour

‘Rarely is a book so important, so timely…vividly and meticulously written, Endell Street is a masterpiece…’ Philippa Stockley, Evening Standard

‘By writing this splendid book, Moore has ensured that the efforts of these pioneering women will never be forgotten.’ Literary Review

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