Lucy Worsley: Queen Victoria

Lucy Queen Vic Combo Image

Lucy Worsley is a bestselling author, historian, curator and television presenter. To coincide with the 200th anniversary of her birth, she tracks a new course through Queen Victoria’s life, examining how she transformed from dancing princess to the Widow of Windsor and became one of Britain’s greatest monarchs along the way.

Celebrating Queen Victoria as a woman of her time, who lived an extraordinary life, Lucy will take 24 significant days from her birth, her wedding, her coronation to her husband’s death to allow you to see Victoria up close and personal and examine how she lived hour to hour.

“Worsley gives us Victoria in all her infinite variety – queen and mother, matriarch and minx” - Daisy Goodwin

Duration: 1 hour

Ticket Price: £16 Single (Includes one book), £21 Double (Includes one book)