Gladiators and Empires: What can we learn from the Ancient Worlds?

Scarrow & Kane Image

Two titans of Roman historical fiction go head-to-head in a gladiator match of epic proportions.

Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author Simon Scarrow’s successful novels include the Eagles of the Empire series, whilst Ben Kane’s passion for history led him to walk hundreds of miles in complete Roman military attire. Sharing their extensive knowledge of Ancient Rome, they seek to answer the question: what could we learn in our society today from the ways of the Ancient Romans?

From modern conundrums such as Brexit to social media, how did Roman society compare, and were they so different to us?

Duration: 1 hour

Speaker: Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow

‘A new book in Simon Scarrow's long-running series about the Roman army is always a joy’  The Times

‘Ben Kane is a master of Roman military fiction’ The Times