A Walk on the Quiet Side: A guide to the West of Windsor Great Park

Take a pleasant stroll around the area Great Park residents call 'home'. Look closer – there's far more to see and hear about here than meets the eye!  

Learn of now-vanished artefacts, gardens, and buildings, where Royalty and the illustrious once played and partied the days away. Ancient routes past two grand houses, the home of the 'Cameleopard', a Royal School, 'recycled' Clubhouse, and splendid views of Windsor Castle. Observe the veteran trees, ponds, and vistas, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the Village – an 'oasis' from the hubbub of the South East – and the working heart of Windsor Great Park. 

Guide: Andy Fielder

Duration: 3 hours; 3.3 miles

Please book in advance – numbers are limited

Bring a camera and binoculars to better experience and record points of interest