Sadie Jones: The Snakes

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Sadie Jones is a novelist and screenwriter whose first novel, The Outcast, was a Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller made into a BBC drama.

The Snakes, a modern-day Greek tragedy, sees her heroine Bea manage to create a happy and fulfilling life for herself away from the toxicity of her estranged parents. But you can’t escape your past and she soon finds herself drawn back into the snake pit of her dysfunctional family.

In this talk Sadie reveals why she felt this all-consuming, devasting tale about the power of corruption was an urgent story to tell today.

“One of the most powerful and uncompromising novels I’ve read in years.” - Jonathan Coe

Duration: 1 hour

This event is presented in partnership with the educational foundation, Cumberland Lodge
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£13.50 (includes £0.50 booking fee)
£10.90 (includes £0.50 booking fee)