Exhibitions & Open Houses

  • Family Workshop
    10.30am Saturday, 23rd September 2017
    Come along with your family and create some art together. Take it home and hang it on your wall. Billie Krstovic will be on hand to offer expert artistic help.
  • Artists Open Houses 23 - 24 September 2017
    23 - 24 September 2017
    • 5 Clarence Crescent, Windsor, SL4 5DT
      Artist: Sue Freeman-Pask The female face – the most used image in history from the goddesses of Greece and Rome, to the Madonna in the Middle Ages, the beautiful portraits of the Renaissance, muses of the Pre-Raphaelites, prostitutes of the Impressionists, Art Deco ladies, icons of Hollywood, and photographic models in the mass media today.
    • Prime Studios, 1-6 Ward Royal Parade, Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HR
      Artists: Mario D’Auria, Andy Finlay, Ayesha Gamiet, Rebecca Mendoza, Tom Neill, Jessie Rayat & Sue Relph PS SGFA
    • 81 Duke Street, Windsor, SL4 1SJ
      Eclectic Italian artist – paintings, portraits, sculptures and prints in oil, acrylic, water colour, plaster and marble. Creativity without boundaries.
    • 22 Trinity Place, Windsor, SL4 3AT
      In a Windsor Fringe and Festival exclusive, Cynthia is showing 17 original illustrations commissioned by Dorling Kindersley for their new book, Artist's Drawing Techniques, published in August 2017. Cynthia wrote and illustrated the chapter on pen and ink. 
    • 33 Temple Road, Windsor, SL4 1HP
      Visit this house for mixed media paintings and collages, some reflecting scenes of local life. Collectible and unique papier-mache ornaments on display.
    • 24 Dagmar Road, Windsor, SL4 1JL
      A ceramicist who likes to hand build pots using a variety of clays. Large pieces sit alongside quirky porcelain decorations & Paintings, cyanotypes and readymade canvases exploring ideas of rarity, value and uniqueness.
    • 37 Grove Road, Windsor, SL4 1JD
      Here and There and Heroes and Villains: Many of Denby's silkscreen prints feature personal images of his travels in the UK and abroad.  He also creates prints of his contemporary heroes and the occasional ne're-do-well.
    • 36 Adelaide Square, Windsor, SL4 2AR
      Originally from a printed textile design background, Sally has produced an eclectic mix of modern florals, animal portraits and abstract art using mixed media & Sarah has been painting for over 30 years and is deeply inspired by the impressionists.